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lemon. we're going to show you the lights going out. the underdog in all of this, the team that almost lost this game because the lights went out in
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the new orleans superdome. it was right after halftime. it could have been the other team celebrating. >> reporter: the stadium lights go out. that went out for real and they nearly turn the game around. they stayed out for 35 minutes while the two teams, the crowd and the audience just waited. in the end the ravens did win a close 31-41. look at the cbs video now. can we take a look at that. there's john harbaugh, the ravens coach looking and saying the lights are out. what's going on? since the game is over can we hear it or no? we still can't hear it.
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the announcers are all trying to figure out what's going on. the lights went out. the players are going what's going on with the lights. everyone is looking up. shortly thereafter some of the grids go back on and they start going on shortly thereafter in intervals. it took about 35, 40 minutes for them all to come on. while all of this is happening there are announcements going on saying there's problem with lights. we ask you to please remain in your seats. remain in your seats. mark mckay is there watching all this go down live in realtime. mark, as you're watching this, it's on the loud speaker. instead of hearing they're on the 49 and it's a flag on the play and people are starting to do the wave and then people start to get a little bit happy and then they get a bit restless
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and i'm sure you guys started to wonder is this going to turn ugly? >> reporter: we wondered how long it would go on. it lasted for 34 minutes. there were announcements made to us to remain in our seats and power will be restored shortly. that delay stretched 34 minutes before football came back. yes the momentum shifted. the san francisco 49ers trailed by 22 points. they were down by 22 points to the baltimore ravens. it seemed as if they were running away with this game just after halftime. jacoby jones ran back. the power went out. it didn't completely go out. the dome wasn't completely tossed into darkness but it was enough to halt the game. players on both sides were on the sidelines trying their best to stay limbered up and trying their best to wait it out.
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the air-conditioning had gone off so it was starting to get warm in the up thor rea the upps where we were. the baltimore ravens are crowned super bowl champions for the second time. maybe things would have been different if san francisco had come all the way back to win this game. >> it made a whole lot of people nervous including myself. as we were watching this, we could see the harbaugh brothers, be coaches. i think it was john who really became upset and had a talking to with one of officials there because he was imagining what was going to happen. he wasn't happy his players were not out there. he knew he had a lot of momentum and he knew his players were losing that energy that they had. he was not happy about it. >> reporter: no, he wasn't and for good reason.
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as soon as the lights came on, as soon as the game came back colin kaepernick got themselves back into the game. no one could give john harbaugh why or how long. we don't know. the investigation is still under way as to why we had a partial power failure. it not only included lights inside but outside as well. it's something that continued to be investigated at this hour. there's no answers as to why went down. >> i would imagine that's initial reports. they could be right. i think still there's some time between now and tomorrow and before this entire investigation plays out. stand by. i'm sure we'll need you. we're not sure what time we'll go off the air tonight. you'll have to delay your plans to go down to bourbon street.
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stand by. as mark mckay stands by i want to read statement i got in from the power company. they were serving the super dome. entergy supplies power. we continue working with super dome personnel to address any outstanding issues. here is what cbs is saying. immediately after the power failure we lost numerous cameras and some audio powered eed by sources in the superdome. at no time did we leave the air. they were doing a lot of dancing on the air, the sports casters because they were just dancing. they didn't know what to do. again, what did you see? terrence moore down in new
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orleans. you're standing outside the superdome. they have given out all the trophies for mvps. do we still have people partying down on bourbon street? they're aheaded that way. that's baltimore. they're partying in baltimore. they're partying in new orleans and they're streaming out of superdome. this is not a cliche when it comes to this one, a nail biter. >> reporter: no question about it. i got tot say this, there will be a controversy that could be rather huge here because there was one report on the internet from speespn that the fire mars said there was a fire around the elevator. if that's true they kept announcing to everybody to stay in their seats, be calm. we all know what happened in
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brazil with that nightclub. again, if that is true, there's going to be a lot of explanation as to why people were told to stay still, don't move. there was not an evacuation taking place. >> can you repeat that? someone was talking to me. what was the issue? >> reporter: the issue was espn was reporting, and i guess a couple other wire services were reporting that the fire marshals said there was a fire reported in the superdome near an elevator. as a matter of fact, the report also said that up with of the elevators was not working supposedly because of this fire. the problem with that is, in the superdome they kept announcing over and over again to tell everybody to stay in their seats and don't move. my contention is we all know what happened a few days ago with that nightclub fire in
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brazil where you had body guards or people blocking the door so people can't get out. this was not the right move. in this is true, the move was to have people calmly evacuate the superdome. that was one report that the fire marshals said that. you just mentioned the mayor said there will be a complete review of the situation. let's wait and see what happens when it comes to that. >> again. that's not cnn's reporting. we'll check on that. let us get now -- standby, to jim harbaugh. jim harbaugh just addressed the crowd. of course, the loser goes first. i guess he was probably congratulating his brother terrence. we missed it because we were getting breaking news from you on a report about a possible fire. i'm looking at the feed coming
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in. again, this is celebration out in baltimore. we'll check on what you said terrence about a possible fire in an elevator. depending on where that fire was and how severe it would cause evacuations but not in all cases when there's a fire you have to evacuate. something with wiring or with fusing that can cause the power to go out. a tale of two cities here. the city on the left is the winning city, which is baltimore, maryland. the city on the right is still the winning city depending on the situation when all the reports come in. that's the city of new orleans. joe flacco, the ravens quarterback is the most valuable player. he's speaking now addressing the media. let's listen in.
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>> you've seen those guys do it. they have the ability to score and score quickly. that's kind of what they did there. i got a good punt return. next thing you know we turn the ball over. games can go like that. that's why you have to take care of the football and get first downs. we have a team that no matter what the situation we're going to overcome it. it's kind of fitting that we won it like that today. >> this is for the whole team but it's got to be special for you. >> yeah, it's unbelievable especially the way it happened.
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he just wanted us to know what it feels like the win this thing. he felt it. he wanted to feel it again. he really wanted us to feel that. we all made it happen today. >> how did the confetti feel and the thoughts of going through it? >> yeah, they shoot a lot of it out there. it's pretty cool. we're walking off the field and it was like it just snowed confetti. it was all for us, so it definitely felt good. >> was it a factor in anything? >> i don't think so. those things happen. both teams had to deal with it. they were facing like a third and 14 and we got them stopped. we didn't do anything with the ball. >> is chris harris pick 6.
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15 touch dodowns, zero interceptio interceptions. >> we've played 20 games and i think i've thrown ten of them. the team came together and got healthy. we hit our stride right at the right point. relied on them big time at the end there at one of those third downs. he did a great job catching that football. that's a beast there. everybody does. they got to give it to one guy. i'm not going to complain that i got it.
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we just won a super bowl. that's the last thing i'm concerned about. he did let me know if the day came i can beat on his desk and really put it to him, so that's exactly what i'm going to do. some of the things just worked out that way. we had to make a couple of tight throws. this game is crazy. we were able to get it down in the first half. these guys came up about that short.
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[ inaudible question ] >> i've never cared. i don't even want to feel like i'm in a position to defend myself pause it's jubecause it' right. i don't have to do that. we'll have this thing forever. everybody on this team will be connected to each other forever. we're just hanging out waiting for the game to get started. i don't know what it would have looked like on tv, but the receiver was good. i think our headsets was working. they'r theirs weren't. i think they were able to get momentum because they got their offense going a bit.
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>> you made a comment about how this type of victory resembled the way your team plays. >> i just think it's fitting that we won that way. we're a tough blue collar city. that's the way games the end to come down to. [ inaudible question ] >> i was sitting on the bench. i'm kind of thinking these guys got it going now. just to be honest, i'm thinking they'll put to ball in the end zone. we'll have to kick a field goal. >> last question. >> in terms of playing from
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behind sometimes in tight games, having the ball, you ever thinking i'm going to get this ball last if we have to. how has it helped being in this tight situations? >> it always helps. we've been put through nose situations. whep they come up we don't know if we' if we're going to be successful. we're comfortable. we've been there before and we failed before. we're not worried ant the outcome. we just play football and execute. >> yes, we were nervous too because we thought you guys had it in the bag. you're exactly right.
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he's the mvp and the quarterback for the ravens. we were nervous and worried about scared. when talking in the studio about fist karma. karma after one of the 49eres players made a disparaging remark. as we look at the tale of two cities tonight. on the left, on the left baltimore, maryland. on the right the city of new orleans, the city that never sleeps. we're going to get back to this developing story. we can tall it a developing story especially whep it comes to this black out because all the i vest gainvestigation has n done when it comes to this story. investigation has not be
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done when it comes to this story.investigation has not bee done when it comes to this story.all the investigation has been done when it comes to this this black out because the investigation has not been done when it comes to this story. this is john harbaugh. let's listen in. >> thank you baltimore fans for sticking together and believing in us. for the 49ers, it's just a great football game. the way the game played out when it was 28-6 and the lights went out and whatever happened, i just knew with jim harbaugh being on the other side that they came was going to be a dog fight right until the end. those guys were coming back. there's no greater competitor. there's no greater coach than the national football league or in the world as far as i'm concerned. the way the team played proves
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it. what they've done in the last two years is unprecedented. that's who he is and that's who they are. i could not be more crowd of him and what's he's done. my family, we love you. thank you. ingrid and alison thank you. thanks for being here. it's a glorious day. god a gracious and god is good and god is in court reporting school. [ inaudible question ] the final series of his career was a goal line stand. ray staid, how could it be any other way than that. we said to our team many times it wasn't perfect. it wasn't pretty pu it was us. that's who we are. .bpu it was us.
1:21 am
that's who we are. .upu it was us. that's who we are. .tpu it was us. that's who we are. . it was us. that's who we are. . [ inaudible question ] >> joe is phenomenal.[ inaudibl] >> joe is phenomenal. he's got guts. how does the confetti feel like coming down. >> it feels good. it feels like ray said it would feel. it feels like all the guys that worked so hard and stuck together and maintained faith, it feels like they got wa they deserve. the meeting with jim in the middle was probably the most difficult thing i've been associated with in my life. i'm proud of him.
1:22 am
thoughts on colin kaepernick, he makes it go. there's so many problems. i thought our play yers did a tremendous job. you make one mistake, you don't close exactly right. that's why they are so dangerous. this team will be around for many years to come. what's that? we're very resilient team. i think all that stuff is overrated. ray obviously, we love ray. we love way. there's no way our guys would ever want to have not ray go out like this. it's not just ray. it's a team effort.
1:23 am
it's a team accomplishment. like ray is saying right now, we did it. it's team accomplishment. what's everybody going? go ahead. that's okay. that's exactly what i said. it's a great song too. not even close because i know who the other coach is. i know the way those guys reflect his personality. he wasn't going to allow it to end that way. they handled that better than we did. the momentum turned and they handled it well. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't know if i have words for it.
1:24 am
i think it just speaks to our resolve and determination. it speaks to our mental toughness and faith and our belief in one another. they always turn on situations like that. our guys have been there in the end. we've won five or six in a row like that. it's been incredible. we had had 13 minutes left and i knew who we were playing. it had to do with phones and whether we would have communication because there's certain rules involved in that. i was trying to make the case. it ended up being a moot point.
1:25 am
jacoby has been a blessing to this team. he's so grateful to be on this team. ed reed made the interception. those are just two phenomenal plays. the kick return was well blocked. to make the catch, go down. it shoultd go doshould go down super bowl history. >> john harbaugh, the winning coach of the ray veps talking about his his experience tonight. we're going to keep a close eye
1:26 am
on this press conference. there are police in that crowd in baltimore and it looks like the crowd is getting pretty rowdy there. police are trying to control the crowd. we're going to keep an eye on that and all of the press conferences. we look at pour bonn street. we still have a lot to cover. try to get to the bottom of that situation. that happened in new orleans with the power out age. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. we're following the news when it comes to super bowl xlvii. you're looking at live pictures -- it just went away. baltimore, maryland, you saw the celebrating happening there on the streets and you saw police officers on horses trying to corral the crowd. we want to tell you about all the information. everything that's going on when it comes to the ravens and the san francisco 49ers. ray veps hung onto beat the san francisco 49ers. the ravens led before a power
1:30 am
outage put the game on hold in the third quarter. france came back after the delay to make a game of event but was never able to take the lead. let's take a look at some other head lieps. we're tracking a deadly bus crash. emergency responders are saying that pult approximate people were killed when the bus rolled over in a mountainous area. this is a video late this evening. dozens of people are injured. 27 people were taken from the sustain by ambulances. now news of a killing at a gun range. everyone involved are all former military men. one of the dead is well known former navy seal chris kyle.
1:31 am
he described himself as the most lethal spieper in u.s. military history. here is where kyle dead. a third man shot them both dead. the suspect is in custody. he's been held hostage in an underground bunker. a funeral was held today for the school bus driver who was killed trying to shield the children. police quickly ended a danls situation outside of london's buckingham palace. he starts yesterdaying and slacking the air with his knife.
1:32 am
the officer fired his taser. ray louis speaking to the media. >> never quitting and always believing in your dreams and your goals. there's no better reward as a father to win a ring on your last ride with my kids being by my sood side. my babies have rauls looked at me as staur. it's a great reward to go out 17 years of a journey. now i get to hug my baby ies fo the rest of my life and i went to say i was a beyondon. there's no better way to go out. >> that's ray lewis speaking. he had his children by his side.
1:33 am
ter republican moore because you're mor of an expert than i on there. >> the deadly outcome at a nightclub here you say he's made a turn over. he's a change man. can you hear me in. tr rens moore are you there. as we said, ray louis involved in an altercation here. back in 2001, 2001 he was acquitted. satly someone died during that alt medication. there were other people who were imbray indicated in that as well. some people believe he paid the
1:34 am
price other should have spend some time in prison. they still hole him accountable. there's others that feems he has made the price. he's in the year since the 12, 11 years, he's turned his life over to god. you hart him speaking about his kirn and with able do g out on a happy end with his children by his side. we're looking at pictures from baltimore. this is wbal. these are people that are celebrating in the streets. there was a problem with mounted police officers. don't know what's going on. we do not have control over these pictures.
1:35 am
our this is from the police helicopters. i don't know where this is in baltimore because it's not our chober. san francisco 49eres was supposed to win this game. they almost won it after that black out. baltimore won. the people of baltimore are very proud of their team. they are really proud of ray louis. very proud what they deem as ray louse's turn around. terrence more, there were people saying how can you feel -- after relouis was spon for killing
1:36 am
none. in your city of atlanta. he was acquitted. ter republican, don't answer. let's hold our thought on ray louis. we'll talk about the up withes and downs. what he and that team must mean to those people. machine ♪
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super bowl xlvii. there's a lot of celebrating going on especially in baltimore, maryland. the police are trying to keep the people in control. they look to be taunting the officers just a bit. we haven't heard of any arrests. the people are excited their team won. they deserve to celebrate but they don't need any houliganism. terran terrance, let me tell you this. when we talk about the super
1:41 am
bowl, i think we're going to talk about the black out. you can pick the order. we're going to talk about the black out and the issue of gay rights. we're going to talk about beyonce and ray louis who said it's nice to go out as a champion with my children sitting here. terrence, you there? >> reporter: yes i am. you're asking me about ray louis. there's nobody else on tv but me and you now. >> reporter: people need to leave many man alone. he is a guy who has said i screwed up. he is a guy that said i'm going to spend the rest of my life
1:42 am
telling young people and people in general that i made these mistakes. you don't make these mistakes. now that he's a word champion he's got more ears. he has more people to give this message too. this should be great story. we should celebrate this story. not continue to ridicule this guy for something that he allegedly did and has been proven innocent of. >> i'm not a sports guy. i was working in philadelphia when this happened. was ray louis acquitted? did he take a plea deal? what happened? >> reporter: well, it was a plea. >> he plead out obstruction of justice. >> reporter: right. the matter is he was not found guilty of murder. >> of anything. listen. ray louis, there are people that say why are you bringing up his
1:43 am
past in he brought up his own past. he keeps saying he's redeemed and a new person. stop saying we're bringing up his past, he's the one doing it and that's why we're talking about it. >> reporter: exactly. which makes the point even more poignant. he is bringing up the past and wants to rectify it in the future. it's been very few occasions in the history of sports that a guy had retired going out on top. >> it's all at how you look at it. america is a place of redemption
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welcome back. this is baltimore, maryland. there's a crowd of folks happy their team won. they beat san francisco 49ers.
1:48 am
we're on late. we're staying on late because of the unusual circumstances surrounded this super bowl. baltimore ravens win, but there was a 35 minute power outage which almost cost the san francisco 49ers to win after the ravens were surging. they had all the momentum until this will power outage. look at these images. we have terrence moore and then lamar campbell who is host of "life after the game" an a former player for the detroit lions. he's also in new orleans. lamar, what the heck happened as you were watching when this power outage went out. were things going to -- things could have got rowdy in the superdome. >> reporter: what a amazing game
1:49 am
even after that. it had to be one of strangest third quarters in super bowl history. beyonce put on a great pmps. a lot of people were still revery welling in her performance. one thing i saw is people were having such a good time, i didp in the dome. the fans were great. people were great. the thing that really affected everything was the momentum of the game. >> lamar, i wish i could spend more time with you. we'll have more after the break. [ engine revving ]
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twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at welcome back. the celebrating still happening now in baltimore. police trying to corral some of the partying. they have been able to get some of the folks off of those streets. these pictures courtesy of wjz in baltimore, maryland. we'll get back to the city of baltimore in a moment.
1:54 am
lamar campbell is the host of "life after the game" on voice america sports and a former nfl player. he's in new orleans tonight and he joins us now. he was at the game when the black out happened. you're there. all of a sudden the lights go out an people are sort of sitting around trying to figure out what's going on. this did change the momentum of this game. it could have had a completely different outcome and it almost did. >> reporter: it definitely almost did. before the black out i thought that would be the moment of the super bowl. once the black out occurred, the san francisco 49ers came out and scored, i said the story of the game will be the black out if the 49ers come out and win. momentum is a fickle thing. it changes the landscape of the
1:55 am
game and the way it could have turped off. it was a great game and baltimore head off for a great win. >> you heard john harbaugh say as i was sitting there during the 35 minutes, i know what kind of team they are, i know what kind of coach he is. i knew they were going to come back strong every minute that we were not on that field playing. >> reporter: we have a chance to catch your composure, i think san francisco got a little shocked, they had at chance get their momentum. with atlanta falcons came back. there's a situation they have been in before. it gave them the confidence and now they came out and played that way. >> lamar campbell thank you very
1:56 am
much. i want to go to the baltimore police commissioner. we're going to go to the police department just as soon as we get it. we want to find out what's going on there. we saw what looks to us to be a a little bit of tussling in the streets. we don't know. commissioner, thanks for joining us this here here on cnn. it appears some of the officers got some of the people off the streets. >> i think you're asking for an update. just quickly, go ray vveravens. we have a number of officers in and around the area and have been there for a time. we have two locations. it's our federal hill which is the southwest part of our city and phils point in the southeast
1:57 am
of our city. we probably have a thousand in each location. they're just brating and i think things are going well. >> we did see some mounted police officers in the video and then moving some people back. what was that all about. >> i wanted them to start moving the corral in a low space. i think the pace was foo fast. we had to give people time to celebrate. we expect them to be out here for an hour or so. we'll slowly start making a bush. we know people are happy. we're trying to redirect traffic that's coming into the city. things are going well. >> we're looking at live
1:58 am
pictures now commissioner and it appears to be people who are in track, some of those stopping cars. have you had any arrests. >> at the giping we had a cup of arrests. yes, we have people who are running between cars and not causing problems other than jumping up and down. if you can advice people we're not allowing more people in the downtown area. we're going to start redirecting them out and probably within the hour. until then we're going to celebrate and be happy that the ravens have won. >> it's hour two. these guys have to get off the streets. it's been an interesting evening here on cnn reporting on this and seeing the black out at the sup sup superdome. i'm not going to pretend i know everything about sports.
1:59 am
i know a lot about news but not very much about sports. the difference is, i'll tell you. a lot of people that sit in this seat will just pretend. thanks for watching. good night. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha!
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